Cold Applied Plastic

Cold Applied Plastic


Cold Applied Plastic Lines

Linemark depots in Mackay and Rockhampton cover regional QLD and are fully committed to bringing you the latest innovations in the industry. We offer cold applied plastic as a long-life solution for a range of applications lasting up to 5 times longer than conventional paint—your lines are designed to go the distance.
Cold applied plastic uses a chemically activated two-component paint that forms a hard and highly effective surface with a high grip and lasting colour.

It is used most often in bike lanes and bus lanes, but it can be used in virtually any area that requires a long-wearing surface or has heavy traffic.

Our modern, state-of-the-art equipment and technology is available for cold applied plastic, allowing us to offer this service to a wide range of clients.
This type of coating is long-lasting and is extremely reflective and easily visible at night, so drivers can more easily navigate locations. We have the specialised equipment needed to apply this type of coating.

If you have any questions regarding our cold applied plastic, we are always here to help you decide if these, or another, service are the right fit for your situation.

Our team work alongside you to choose the best solution for your project. We'll also provide you with detailed information about our materials, equipment and services so you can make the most informed decision. Get in touch today.