RRPM’s & Line Removal

RRPM's & Line Removal

Linemark provides a range of services across regional QLD from our depots in Mackay and Rockhampton.

Raised Pavement Markers (RRPMs)

‘Cat’s Eyes’ are placed along lines and in chevrons to provide superior reflectivity at night and in adverse weather conditions. Linemark has the specialised equipment and experienced personnel to install RRPMs to any road surface safely and effectively in accordance with Main Roads specifications.

Line Removal

When line removal is necessary, such as a roadway or car park in need of reconfiguration, the lines can be taken off and reapplied in a new location. The issue with line removal is that line marking paints and plastics are created with longevity in mind. They do not come off easily, and it takes a skilled team with training and specialised equipment to remove them without doing undue damage to the surface underneath.
Linemark offers this service to successfully remove lines from roadways and other surfaces while keeping the damage underneath to a minimum. Options can include:

  • Rotating surface grinding with dust extraction
  • Shot blasting with suction recovery
We have the specialised equipment and personnel necessary to remove lines and RRPMs from a range of surfaces, including asphalt, bitumen and concrete on roads, warehouses, workshops, car parks, airport runways and more.

Linemark can package services for a complete solution to your line marking requirements. Contact us today.