Thermoplastic Line Marking

Linemark truck — Linemark in Paget, QLD
Linemark's depots in Mackay and Rockhampton provide line marking services across regional QLD. Linemark offers the use of Thermoplastic material where painted lines may wear quickly or where improved retro-reflectivity is required. Thermoplastic is a long life material, with three types of applications. Linemark only uses quality materials that meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4049.2

Audio-Tactile Line Marking (ATLM)

Audio-Tactile Line Marking is a form of "Long Line" line marking that uses a holt melt plastic to form ribs on the Edge Line or Centre Line. These ribs provide an audio cue to the driver that they are driving across the barrier line. These lines are used to reduce distraction and fatigue related accidents and raise driver awareness.

Linemark has completed several ATLM projects on Main Roads, Council Roads and Mine Access Roads. ATLM is also used where superior retro-reflectivity is required.

Extrusion Thermoplastic

Extrusion thermoplastic uses a plastic compound that is hot melted and applied to the road as a line. This is a long life line marking solution that is used in high wear areas or where superior retro-reflectivity is required. The compound is intermixed with glass beads, so as the line wears, it constantly reveals new glass beads that reflect light, ensuring a long life, highly reflective line.

Preformed Thermoplastic

A preformed sheet of Thermoplastic is placed on the road and melted using specially designed gas powered torches. This form of line marking is usually used for “transverse” line marking applications, such as Arrows; pedestrian crossings; cross walk lines; turning lines; stop bars and give way bars. It is a very hard wearing, long life product which can be made into any shape and available in many colours, including company logo’s and other branded markings.
Linemark is committed to providing our customers with the highest grade materials and technology for each job. If you want to get started or have any questions about which options are right for your situation, our team are available.